DAILY DEVOTIONS: Apr 26 ‘Was It the Lord?’

‘Was It the Lord?’
Friday within the Octave of Easter
And none of the disciples dared to ask him, “Who are you?” because they realized it was the Lord.

  • John 21:12
    This account is pregnant with meaning, like the nets heavy with fish. We all experience moments when we, too, meet the Lord–in prayer or the Eucharist, in nature or our encounters with others. We may carry these moments our whole lives, reflecting on their beauty and impact, struggling to find words for them.

Be attentive to those times when emotion overwhelms your ability to describe an experience, or when describing it does not capture its significance. Some experiences make us leap all at once, like Peter: It is the Lord! Others, we carry with us, like smooth stones deep in the pocket of our souls. Ponder their mystery from time to time. Rub your thumb over them. Turn them over with reverence, and let yourself wonder, Was this the Lord?
Risen Lord, I am ready. Show yourself to me.

  • Karla Manternach

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