God Promises He Will Carry Us Through Every Trials – (Deuteronomy 1:31)

God Promises He Will Carry Us Through Every Trials – (Deuteronomy 1:31)
Bible Promise
I will carry you in My arms just like a father carries his child.

Verse Text
And in the wilderness where you saw how the Lord your God carried you, as a man carries his son, in all the way that you went until you came to this place.

Reading Notes
The fledgling nation of Israel had to endure forty years of trials, battles and hardships because of their sin and rebellion against God. Yet all the while they thought of it as a trial, they did not know, nor did they understand that the Lord was not only watching over them, but He was also preparing them to become a mighty nation. Moreover, the Lord was also carrying them through each and every hardship. God’s love was so great that for forty years of day to day trials, for each person from the time they entered the wilderness, until the time that entire generation, who went into the wilderness died, God saw them through their trials. And it was their children, under the protective hand of God, who entered into the Promised Land. Even though it was their sin that caused them to wander in the wilderness, and it was their sin that prevented them from entering the Promised Land, God was with them every step of the way. God led them by a pillar of clouds shielding them from the desert heat by day. And watched over them with a pillar of fire for protection and warmth by night.

They were fed directly by God with manna every morning, and at the end of the day they took off their shoes and clothing which never wore out. God displayed His presence among them and fought for them during every battle. Their clothes never got old during the forty years of wandering, because the Lord kept them in His care. This generation of people saw first hand the miracles of God performed both in Egypt and in the wilderness. This generation witnessed first hand the actions of God on their behalf and heard the voice of God from Mount Sinai. Dear child of God, all those stories we read about when we were small, were real historical events, lived and experienced by this group of people. And no matter how many battles they faced, God was there, He carried them through each and every trial. This is also true for us today. The Holy Spirit is with all of God’s children, He indwells us and carries out God’s process of spiritual growth in us. Now this doesn’t mean we won’t have trials, because Jesus told us we will. We will face trials because we live in a fallen world, one that is at enmity with God. But God is there, He is always with us, to carry us, watch over us and see us through each trial. He is there to ensure that we will never have more than we can bear, with Him by our side.

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