“Let all things be done decently and in order.” 1 Corinthians 14:40 (KJV)

When God called you and planted you in a Ministry, He did it for a purpose. He understands the fact that you have something the Ministry needs for their assignment. Let us look at it in the natural; if you are a pilot, your skills are more useful in the aviation industry than in the Montessori school; if you are a trained surgeon, your skills are more useful in the hospital than in the music school. If that is true, and in the physical, we know how to put the square pegs in the square holes, what makes you think any less of God? God is the Master Builder, we are all tools in His hands and when He calls you, He plants you where your skills are most needed.

Now, understand that every Ministry is unique and what works in ‘A’ does not necessarily work in ‘B’. So, what is your role? Your role is not to copy what is in ‘A’ and insist that it be planted in ‘B’. Does that mean you cannot make suggestions? Of course not! You are free to make suggestions; you are free to interact with others and find out other ways of doing things. But when you find it, it is your responsibility to submit it to authority. Do not impose it; do not insist, submit it to the constituted authority and let God guide your leader in decision making.

While the Bible encourages everyone to be led of the Spirit, He has still deliberately planted structure in the Church and He is the God of order. Our scripture today is so interesting; it did not say “Let some things or most things be done decently and in order” rather, it says “ALL things”. If you have an idea, what then do you do? Prayerfully discuss it with your leader and trust God to lead them. If they do not accept it, don’t be upset; understand that it is either it is not yet time, or it is not in line with what the leader perceives as the mind of God for the moment. So, do not get angry or bitter, separate your emotions from the outcome and support your leader.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 14:34-40

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- 2 Kings 15-16; Evening- John 3:1-18

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