‘Like Every Sunrise’

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Behold, I make all things new.

  • Revelation 21:5

Here’s an obvious observation: the sun rises every day no matter what’s happened the night before. Maybe not as obvious is that we have the opportunity in the dawning of each new day to seek forgiveness in order to begin again. We have another day to complete the work we have been called to do. Human frailty, faults and failures are no match for what God promises: to make all things new.

The Easter season gives us encouragement to rejoice in the Lord’s compassion, to persevere in faith and to begin every day with hope. Nothing stands in the way of God’s mercy and love except our own stubbornness to resist change, to cling to our guilt or grief or anger. Right in front of our eyes, like every sunrise, God is making all things new.

Breathe in me, oh God, a spirit of hope.

  • Deborah Meister

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