JULY 3 2019

July 3 morning
1679 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
Merciful Father, on this feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, I offer you all my moments of disbelief, my distrust and my disillusionment for the intention of this month, that those who administer justice may work with integrity, and that the injustice which prevails in the world may not have the last word. Hail Mary

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July 3 afternoon
330 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
“We are called to assist the elderly, the sick and the unborn: life must always be protected and loved, from conception to its natural conclusion.” (Pope Francis) May I seek ways to help all people, regardless of their state in life.

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July 3 night
199 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
I retrace my day with you, Lord. You have always been there, but despite this my unbelief is not far away, nor is it different from that of Thomas. Increase my faith so that I can be a credible witness of the love of the Father in the world. Hail Mary

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