DAILY DEVOTIONS:Jul 6 ‘Personal Appeal’


‘Personal Appeal’

St. Maria Goretti

Praise the LORD, for the LORD is good;

sing praise to his name, which we love.

  • Psalm 135:3

Yes, the Lord is good, and God is gracious. No surprise here, but notice how the meaning deepens when you say, “The Lord is good to me. God is gracious to me.” The meaning deepens even more when you reflect on how many times the Lord has shown his goodness to you, when you reflect on the many ways in which God’s graciousness has touched your life.

The message of Holy Scripture influences our life in a more powerful way when we apply it to ourselves. When I read or hear Jesus’ words, or think about the gospel stories, I try to see what they mean for my life now. I try to understand what Jesus is inviting me to do and how he wants my relationship with him to grow. That, of course, is God’s desire for all of us. The more we personalize his message, the more we recognize his loving presence in our daily lives.

  • Fr. Kenneth E. Grabner, C.S.C.

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