DAILY DEVOTIONS:Jul 12 ‘Chances Are


‘Chances Are…’

The LORD watches over the lives of the wholehearted.

  • Psalm 37:18

I may not have been the best baseball player on my team as a teenager, but I believe I played with everything I had. Why settle for a single when, with a little more effort and hustle, I could stretch it into a double, right? The risk of getting caught and called out was not as great as the risk of not playing with my whole heart.

This is the kind of life to which God calls us. Where our lives of faith are concerned, Jesus never suggests we play it safe. He never says, “Blessed are those who do the bare minimum, for surely that’s enough.” Living wholeheartedly in our faith in Jesus means taking chances to stretch ourselves into lives dedicated to prayer, the sacraments, our parishes and service to the world around us. It means taking chances to really spread the Good News of Jesus by how we live our lives.

Jesus, I love you with my whole heart.

  • Steve Givens

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