DAILY DEVOTIONS: Jul 13 ‘A Lot to Learn!’


‘A Lot to Learn!’

St. Henry

Jesus said to his Apostles: “No disciple is above his teacher…”

  • Matthew 10:24

When I was young, my ambitions were vague but mighty. I wanted to be the world’s leading expert on something. I didn’t care what it was, so long as I was solely and indisputably right about something all the time. If I’ve achieved this ambition at all, it is only in spheres so small as to be meaningless. (Nobody ties my shoes as well as I do!) These days, however, instead of priding myself on everything I know, I take even greater pleasure in realizing how much I still have to learn. No matter how long I contemplate the heavens, the universe is more immense than I can imagine. No matter how much I pray, I will never fully understand the mind of God. No matter how often I read his Word, it always offers me something new. I praise God for all that is beyond my knowing!

Lord, let me sit at your feet and learn.

  • Karla Manternach

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