JULY 14 2019

JULY 14 2019

July 14 morning

With Jesus in the morning

Heavenly Father, the true “Good Samaritan” of a wounded and suffering humanity, you made yourself like one of us to be close and bind up our wounds. Help me today to follow in your example. I offer this day for the intentions of the Holy Father. Hail Mary

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July 14 afternoon

With Jesus during the day

“Prayer is never in vain: it always brings forth something new that, sooner or later, bears fruit.” (Pope Francis) Help me, Lord, to trust in the fruitfulness of prayer.

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July 14 night

With Jesus in the night

As I review my day, your word has revealed to me how important I am to you, Lord and all the greatness of your love. While I am “small,” I love you with all of myself and I wish to show you this love with how I love the weakest and poorest of society, especially those in need of justice. Hail Mary

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