July 17th, 2019 1 SAMUEL 25:23-44 (GNT)

July 17th, 2019
1 SAMUEL 25:23-44
Sustained by God’s Word of Promise

1 Samuel 25:23-44: Abigail finds David and intervenes and is able to dissuade him from killing innocent people. Days later, Nabal dies and David marries Abigail.

David said to her, “Praise the LORD, the God of Israel, who sent you today to meet me! Thank God for your good sense and for what you have done today in keeping me from the crime of murder and from taking my own revenge.”

23When Abigail saw David, she quickly dismounted and threw herself on the ground24at David’s feet, and said to him, “Please, sir, listen to me! Let me take the blame.25Please, don’t pay any attention to Nabal, that good-for-nothing! He is exactly what his name means—a fool! I wasn’t there when your servants arrived, sir.26It is the Lord who has kept you from taking revenge and killing your enemies. And now I swear to you by the living Lord that your enemies and all who want to harm you will be punished like Nabal.27Please, sir, accept this present I have brought you, and give it to your men.28Please forgive me, sir, for any wrong I have done. The Lord will make you king, and your descendants also, because you are fighting his battles; and you will not do anything evil as long as you live.29If anyone should attack you and try to kill you, the Lord your God will keep you safe, as someone guards a precious treasure. As for your enemies, however, he will throw them away, as someone hurls stones with a sling.30And when the Lord has done all the good things he has promised you and has made you king of Israel,31then you will not have to feel regret or remorse, sir, for having killed without cause or for having taken your own revenge. And when the Lord has blessed you, sir, please do not forget me.”

32David said to her, “Praise the Lord, the God of Israel, who sent you today to meet me!33Thank God for your good sense and for what you have done today in keeping me from the crime of murder and from taking my own revenge.34The Lord has kept me from harming you. But I swear by the living God of Israel that if you had not hurried to meet me, all of Nabal’s men would have been dead by morning!”35Then David accepted what she had brought him and said to her, “Go back home and don’t worry. I will do what you want.”

36Abigail went back to Nabal, who was at home having a feast fit for a king. He was drunk and in a good mood, so she did not tell him anything until the next morning.37Then, after he had sobered up, she told him everything. He suffered a stroke and was completely paralyzed.38Some ten days later the Lord struck Nabal and he died.

39When David heard that Nabal had died, he said, “Praise the Lord! He has taken revenge on Nabal for insulting me and has kept me his servant from doing wrong. The Lord has punished Nabal for his evil.”

Then David sent a proposal of marriage to Abigail.40His servants went to her at Carmel and said to her, “David sent us to take you to him to be his wife.”

41Abigail bowed down to the ground and said, “I am his servant, ready to wash the feet of his servants.”42She rose quickly and mounted her donkey. Accompanied by her five maids, she went with David’s servants and became his wife.

43David had married Ahinoam from Jezreel, and now Abigail also became his wife.44 Meanwhile, Saul had given his daughter Michal, who had been David’s wife, to Palti son of Laish, who was from the town of Gallim.

Reread verses 26-31. What does Abigail say about the LORD? What does she say about David? While her words are prophetic about David’s future, she also warns David against incurring bloodguilt (verse 31). How would you describe Abigail? What are your thoughts with regard to the way she prevented David from seeking revenge?

Merciful God, forgive me when I close my heart to someone in need. May my thoughts and actions this day reflect your love, and may my words be a source of encouragement and blessing. Fill me with your peace. Amen.

Those who negotiate for peace

1 Samuel 31:1-13: Saul and his sons die in battle.

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