AUGUST 24 2019

With Jesus in the morning
On this feast of the Apostle, St. Bartholomew, I thank you for the gift of the Church. May I find you today in the faces of others, serving them and accompanying them in their difficulties. I offer my day and my desire for the intentions that Pope Francis entrusts this month to his Worldwide Prayer Network. Glory Be…

With Jesus during the day
Being loved by someone is very good and it is pleasing to receive people’s attention. However, it does not help me if I am pleasing people, while only thinking about how it will benefit me. Help me, Lord, to know how to truly love one another with an authentic love that does not seek self-interest.

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With Jesus in the night
Taking a deep breath, I review my day. I am grateful for the events that I was given today. At what point did I feel peace? And when did I feel sad or discouraged? What people did I encounter? Was there anything pending for tomorrow that could have been done today? I place all my worries in the Heart of Jesus. Our Father…

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