AUGUST 25 2019

August 25 morning
1075 have prayed
With Jesus in the morning
I begin this Sunday rejoicing in the Resurrection of Jesus, with the certainty that death does not have the last word and that life always finds a way. I ask God for the grace to help me listen to what others have to say to me, leaving my comfort zone and being available for what others need. I offer the works of this day that families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly “schools of true human growth.” Glory Be…

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August 25 afternoon
251 have prayed
With Jesus during the day
When no one notices me, there is still someone who sees everything and leaves nothing to escape. It is he who collects all things into his heart, watching over me with tender compassion. May I do all things with the knowledge that God is there, watching over me.

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August 25 night
162 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
At the end of this day, I remember the many encounters with other people. Which encounters brought me joy? Was there anyone I offended? Do I need to ask forgiveness from anyone? Walking with others is a gift from God. I am grateful for all the people that exist in my life and I offer them to God as I sleep tonight. Our Father…

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