September 7 morning
With Jesus in the morning
Today’s Gospel warns of the risks of following norms and traditions blindly or meaninglessly. Sometimes I fall into the temptation of wanting to look good in front of others and end up further away from you, Lord. I ask you for the grace of consistency and authenticity, and may all that I do today be for your glory. I offer this day praying in union with Pope Francis that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans. Glory Be…

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September 7 afternoon
With Jesus during the day
Today, may I not let sadness overcome my mind. I remember that I was born to be a person of joy! Therefore, may all the words I speak today be positive and encouraging. May all my actions be as an offering to God who loves me and cares for me. I open my heart to receive this love and thank you, Lord, for the gift of my life.

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September 7 night
239 have prayed
With Jesus in the night
At the end of this day I pause in silence to review the day and my heart. What feelings moved my actions today? Was it boredom, joy, hope, or trust? How were my words or actions to my neighbor? Do I need to ask for forgiveness? I surrender to God what has transpired and look forward to starting a new day. Our Father…

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