September 8 morning
With Jesus in the morning
I start this Sunday in graditude for all that I have been given this past week. Lord, am I being honest, fair, true in the world I am “building”? Do I avoid taking on responsibilities or tasks that seem difficult to me? Through Mary’s intercession, I offer all my works from this day for the Pope’s intention for this month. Hail Mary…

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September 8 afternoon
With Jesus during the day
Daily meditation brings me closer to God, because it teaches me to ponder what the Lord says to me and open my heart to understanding. To seek God means that I must stop to listen. This means at times I must refrain from speaking in my prayers, listing my requests, laments or even my praises. It is in silence that God speaks. I need to take at least a few minutes of my day to think about God, read his Word, and let him speak.

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September 8 night
With Jesus in the night
At night I calm my senses down. I collect what I have experienced today. How was my day? Where was my heart? Was I available to help and to serve my neighbor? How was my love in the tasks entrusted to me? It is not just about doing things, but doing them with love. Help me, Lord, to do all things with love. Our Father…

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