September 10 morning

 30 have prayed

With Jesus in the morning

I begin this day with gratitude for the gift of life and the talents you have put into my hands. Give me grace and joy within my vocation and the enthusiasm of being a missionary. I offer this day that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans. Our Father…

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September 10 afternoon

 8 have prayed

With Jesus during the day

Lord, may I not miss the opportunity to do good works, no matter to whom, starting within my family. Whether it is through a word, a loving look, a smile, spiritual or material help, may everyone I meet along the way feel your presence in me. I pray that all my actions reveal your love and your kindness.

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September 10 night

 9 have prayed

With Jesus in the night

Looking for a quiet place I close my eyes and rest in your presence, Lord. How do I feel right now? I appreciate the gift of life. I become aware of the things I enjoyed and the people who accompanied me. What meetings have given me courage? What works gave me joy? I take note of those things that help me live with enthusiasm. Help me to be a missionary of hope tomorrow. Our Father…

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