September 12 morning

With Jesus in the morning

Heavenly Father, thank you for this day and for the beauty of creation! It is often difficult to live the Gospel, especially when trying to love our enemies. It is a difficult call to fulfill! I ask you, Lord, for the grace to have a forgiving heart and not wish evil on anyone, believing that conversion is always possible. I offer this day for the protection of the seas and oceans, as Pope Francis asks us during this month. Glory Be…

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September 12 afternoon

With Jesus during the day

I strive to read the word of God every day and take a few minutes to meditate on it, dwell on it and keep it in my heart. If I can do this early in the morning when I get up, my day will be better, because it will brighten my whole day and my actions. If I let myself be touched by the Word of God, peace can finally enter my soul.

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September 12 night

With Jesus in the night

At the end of this day I pause to review what transpired. What am I most thankful for? What do I want to offer to God? What do I need most right now? I take note of my thoughts, things I learned, a favor I received, or help I could give. Thank you, Lord, for the people who helped me when I needed it and I pray to God for them. I look forward to a new day to serve God with all my heart! Our Father…

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