September 17 morning

With Jesus in the morning
At the beginning of this day, I thank you, Lord, for your love for me. By resurrecting the son of the widow of Nain, Jesus shows his power, giving to others life and joy. Teach me, Lord, how to open my heart to be filled with the life of the Gospel. I offer this day for the intentions of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network. Our Father…

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September 17 afternoon
With Jesus during the day
It is very easy to love the message of the Gospel when it is in sync with my convictions. But how harsh is the Gospel when it confronts me and lays before me my sin or my resistance to act the way Christ teaches. May I open myself to the Holy Spirit and let myself be transformed by the Word! May I not hesitate to change my life to do the will of the Lord according to the truth.

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With Jesus in the night
I look for a quiet place to end this day. I take a few moments to review what has happened today. What feelings did I feel? What did they leave in my heart? I take some time to talk to God about my encounters and listen to what he has to say about them. Lord, help me tomorrow to do your will, even when it is difficult. Our Father…

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