September 18 morning
With Jesus in the morning
As a new day begins, I thank You, Lord, for the life you have given me and for the people who are part of my life. Help me, Lord, to speak well of others and not to murmur against anyone, always seeing the best of each person and being a bridge in the midst of the quarrels I encounter. Joined to the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network, I offer you this day that politicians, scientists and economists work together to protect the world’s seas and oceans. Our Father…

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September 18 afternoon
With Jesus during the day
God is so good to me that He always gives me a new opportunity to start over! Now is the most important time to make my decisions and move on. I should analyze my life, rethink my actions, and begin walking in the right way. I ask for the grace to be more assertive in my choices, consistent with God’s teachings and persevering in my goals. May God help me focus on my actions that I may do all things for his glory.

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September 18 night
With Jesus in the night
As another day ends, I think about any special graces I have received. I remember the things that were part of my day today. How well did I use the gifts and talents I was given? Was I generous with others? Did I give up the use of things to others who needed it? Help me, Lord, to be generous with everything, recognizing that everything is a gift from you. Our Father…

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