DAILY DEVOTIONS: Sep 19 ‘Cherish the Youth’


‘Cherish the Youth’

St. Januarius

Do not neglect the gift you have…

  • 1 Timothy 4:14

St. Paul writes thus to a young man, telling him not to be deterred by people who “have contempt for your youth.”

Our culture tends to idolize youth and to be contemptuous of age. Yet young people themselves suffer from this prejudice. They tend to become targets to be used and manipulated. Their energy, beauty and enthusiasm can become bent and twisted in the process. Young people today, as much as in St. Paul’s time, need the kind of mentoring and loving care he shows his young friend Timothy. The gifts they have (and are) need to be cherished and drawn out wisely–for their benefit, for the Church and for the world. When they are abused and neglected, we all suffer.

Youth need the Word of God. They need to know themselves as unique and unrepeatable images of God. Who will tell them?

Lord, open our eyes to see you in our young people.

  • Mary Marrocco

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