When Your Name Fights You by Pastor D. K. Olukoya

When Your Name Fights You by Pastor D. K. Olukoya


Topic: When Your Name Fights You

Text: Genesis 32:26-27


When your name fights you, all tragedies of humanities are due to ignorance. Every man’s mountain is the mountain of ignorance.

Fear is the mountain of ignorance.

If you have already reached the limit of eating sugar and you now decided to be eating sugar and fat, you open doors of ignorance, if you have reached the limit of sexual intercourse and you started having sex with more than one person, you open the door to every sexually transmitted disease like HIV, AIDS etc.

As a person you can start learning what won’t favor you, you can begin to learn everything about nothing. Knowledge won’t acquire you, you must acquire knowledge.

The recipe for constant ignorance is to be content with your knowledge. The mother of all sin is ignorance, that’s why in the moral of knowledge is “Ignorance is not an excuse” The thing that is more expensive than knowledge is ignorance.


Name is important to GOD and Satan. Examples is “Thou shall call his name Jesus, because he shall deliver his people”

Names brings prophetic proclamations
Names brings curses or Blessings
Names brings death and afflictions
Names can detain your blessings
Names are important
Names can be a lawyer you have employed for yourself
Name can be a means of prophecy of what will happen in your future
Names inspire Lives
Names inspire destiny and testimonies
Names can say wrong prophecy
In GOD’s own view, some people’s name will stop them from fulfilling their destinies.

Some can be heartless; are you here today and you bear a name of the days of the week or market name means you have devoted the business market to Idols.

Sunday is the dedicated day of the sun.

Monday is the dedicated day of the Moon.

January is named after two faced demon in Rome, in Jarius.

If you name your child after a dead relative, it means that the challenges that the dead relative faced will be faced by the baby.

In Yoruba language, the Yoruba use to say “Oloopade”, Oloopade means the idol behind the staff has arrived.

Job means suffering and affliction


Voices from my foundation troubling my destiny, Serpent from my foundation biting my future, die in the name of Jesus.
Every incantation and Satanic prophecy working against me, backfire
Powers, fighting my head, before I leave this place, die.
Graveyard garment covering my star, catch fire.

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