September 21 morning
With Jesus in the morning
I thank you for this day, Lord, and the opportunity to accompany you in building your kingdom. Through the intercession of St. Matthew, whose feast we celebrate today, I ask you for the grace of the same readiness to follow you and to offer myself to others confidently, without asking questions, imposing or wanting to control everything that happens to me. I offer the generosity of my heart throughout this day, praying for the Pope’s intention for this month. Our Father…

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September 21 afternoon
With Jesus during the day
One thing is necessary in my prayer, that I do everything according to the will of God. For I do not always know what and how to ask, but You know what is best for me and what I really want in my heart. Your grace is enough for me!

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September 21 night
With Jesus in the night
As I end this day, I close my eyes and look inside my heart. What feelings do I have right now? What thoughts stay in me at the end of this day? I review the day and discover the times when God spoke to my heart. Do I understand your messages, Lord? Was I docile in the way I was lead by you? Is there anything that could have been different? Help me, Lord, to follow your will each and every day. Our Father…

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