Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck August 1, 2019 God Is At Work


Daily Devotionals | Kenny Luck
August 1, 2019
God Is At Work

“Jesus gave them this answer, I tell you the truth the son can do nothing by himself, he can only do what he sees his father doing because whatever the father does the son also does. For the father loves the son and shows him all he does and yet to your amazement he will show him even greater things than these.” John 5: 19-20

You see this picture of father and son, mutual commitment, mutual co-operation, creative mind, agent of expression. Then, you see in John chapter 5:17 just how that works out. What does it look like, the Father Factor commanding the purpose of the son. “Jesus said to them my father is always at his work this very day and I too am working.” What do you see? God’s always at work. What’s he working on? He’s working on His purpose; He’s working on advancing His kingdom and His people through His church on earth. God’s always at work, God’s at work right now. He’s advancing His kingdom in you and He wants to advance His kingdom through you and then through us together and then through his church, and his purpose is moving forward. Jesus said the kingdom of God is advancing forcefully through forceful men who lay hold of it. We see that God is always at work and that the son is working with him. You see the father factor commanding the purpose of Jesus.

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The father factor commands me personally, I am his son. The Father factor commands me practically, in how I relate to my wife my kids and how I relate to others. I reproduce my relationship with my Father, good or bad. The Father factor fuels my purpose, my commitment, my cooperation with Him giving me His priorities, His attitude, His will, leaking on to me like father like son working together.

Father, You have wrapped me in Christ, it is your will.

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