Today: 2019-02-21

Vision is for young men because they are strong and enabled to pursue the fulfillment of it. These strategies are crucial in realizing and vision.

–           See it

            Vision is catching a glimpse of the future,

            Vision fascinates and attracts.

            Vision beckons motion

            Vision motivates action

            Vision excites the soul

            Heb 12:2

            Vision is foundation for endurance.

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–           Share it

            Vision not shared is learning it to die

            Extend the vision by sharing it

            Extend it or extinct it

            Sharing it is spreading it.

            Sharing it enlivens and elongates it

            Sharing it attracts wider participation.

–           Seek assistance

            Visionaries invite input of others in the pursuit of vision.

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            Inputs of others fatten the vision.

            Raise helpers around the vision.

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