Open Heavens For Teens 16th January 2024 – Great Faith

Open Heaven For Teens
Open Heaven For Teens
Open Heaven For Teens – Great Faith

The Topic of Teenagers Open Heavens for Tuesday 16th January 2024 Is “Great Faith”

Read: Mark 11:24

24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.

Memorise: Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.


Having faith means believing H that something you are yet to see physically has already happened. For example, seeing that you got an ‘A’ in a subject when you are yet to write the exam is having faith. Faith is a spiritual ability that controls the physical. However, faith becomes ‘great faith’ when you put it to use often.

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It is not enough to be anointed at an impartation service, you must put that anointing to use by looking for sick people and praying for them. You can visit hospitals or prisons in groups, to practice this.

My faith grew from praying for the sick to recover to praying for the dead to rise because I used my little faith, and God honoured it. One of the ways to grow your faith in the spirit is by constantly hearing the word of God (Romans 10:17). This is because the volume of God’s word in you determines your level of faith in Him. For your faith to increase, you must meditate on His word every day and act on it.

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Your faith may be like a mustard seed now, but it is powerful enough to move mountains. Keep growing it.

Study your Bible at least once every day to feed your faith.

HYMN 14 – Standing on the Promises of God

1.⁠ ⁠Standing on the promises of Christ our King,
Thro’ eternal ages let His praises ring:
Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
Standing on the promises of God.

Standing, Standing,
Standing on the promises of
God my Saviour
Standing, Standing,
I’m standing on the promises of God.

2 Standing on the promises that can-not fail,
When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail
By the living word of Go I shall prevail,
Standing on the promises of God.

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3.⁠ ⁠Standing on the promises I now can see
Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
Standing on the promises of God.

4.⁠ ⁠Standing on the promises of Christ the Lord,
Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
Standing on the promises of God.

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Genesis 32:13-34:31; Matthew 11:7-30

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