The Spectacular Church: 31 Days of Wisdom Day 11: Proverbs 11 – Nuggets About Righteousness by Evang. Ebube Dibie

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

TOPIC: Nuggets About Righteousness

READ: Proverbs Chapter 11


Righteousness is living in accordance with God’s laws and commands. It is a state of moral perfection and uprightness, and it involves both the right belief and right action. Righteousness is often contrasted with sinfulness, and it is considered a virtue that comes from faith in God. It encompasses qualities such as honesty, integrity, justice, kindness, and obedience to God’s will.

Types of Righteousness

  1. Righteousness by good work
  2. Righteousness by Faith

Righteousness by good works and there is righteousness by faith: righteousness by good work is you do good and you will receive good. But what God wants from you is righteousness by faith. Righteousness by good work does not justify faith. Righteousness by good works has its benefits and it is the same for both believers and unbelievers. Being good is not enough. As a man of faith, you must be a good person to attract good things. However, without faith it is impossible to please God.

The Nuggets

Be kind. be a beacon of hope to others even in the most difficult times. You don’t have to apply the law all the time. As a child of God, the first point of action is to help the person as a beacon of hope that you are.

Humility is an attribute of righteousness: As a child of God, you must die to pride. You don’t talk to people anyhow. It is good for self-growth and all that self-glorifying claims but without humility, you cannot see the face of Christ. Learn to renounce self.

Die to pride: Don’t go asking God for favour with pride. You must humble yourself. Being upright is not a self-sustaining mechanism. If you are upright you need to get righteous. So, let’s substitute upright for righteous.

The substitute for death is Jesus Christ: If you have Christ in you you have life and you are forever secured.

The righteousness you found in Jesus will deliver you: Although the author of the chapters in the Bible is referring to righteousness by work. However, what Jesus Christ has given us today is righteousness by faith which is higher and more beneficial than righteousness by work. By believing in Jesus Christ you have received righteousness.

Righteousness saves you from falling into traps: Your complete reliance on Him (Jesus) who gives you righteousness saves you from falling into traps or getting into trouble.

Knowledge of the word of God is spiritual power: Through knowledge and superior discernment shall you be delivered. As a believer, you already have the capacity you need to annex from but many believers miss it due to laziness by relying on their pastor for everything spiritual.

You can get superior discernment by studying the word of God: While others are busy focusing on righteousness by work you are in righteousness by faith and doing greater things.

God blessings: When God blesses you with blessings of joy, and peace among other spiritual blessings you distribute them to people around you.

Be Reserved: Sometimes you need to be quiet. If you speak too much people don’t respect your wisdom. Except you are instructed to speak by the spirit of God at that moment. You need to learn go keep silent.

Believers are not reacting to people: Sometimes you have every right to react don’t just react. How to know when to react.


1. The Holy Spirit: Consult the Holy Spirit.

2. You could consult the elders in your church.

He that sows righteousness shall receive a reward: When you operate with righteousness by faith you are operating on a different level. And when you sow you will reap bountifully.

The gift of righteousness brings alongside the fruit of righteousness

The law says he that received and scattered shall recover plenty but he who receives and keeps shall remain poor. If you want to be watered you should water.

The Lord sustained you because He has given you the gift of righteousness: The fruit of righteousness is a tree of life. As a righteous person, you are called to dispense the fruit of righteousness. When you display the fruit of righteousness people are naturally drawn to you.

Displaying the fruit of righteousness will draw people to you and you could use that opportunity to win souls for Christ.

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

The Spectacular Church 31 Days Of Wisdom Day 11

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