The Spectacular Church: 31 Days of Wisdom Day 12: Proverbs 12 – The DSDP of Wisdom by Pastor Michael Agbamoro

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

TOPIC: The DSDP of Wisdom


D- The Desire of Wisdom: Speaks to the wishes of the heart.
S- The Saying of Wisdom: The spoken word of wisdom, the written words and the confession of wisdom.
D – The Deeds of Wisdom: The actions that perform the saying of wisdom.
P – The product of Wisdom: The result of that comes after the action of wisdom taken.

3 desires
5 Sayings
10 Deed
10 Product

The Wise loves instructions (Deed of Wisdom):The wise loves learning and discipline. They would rather go through the pain of correction than later go through the pain of regret.

The Wise obtain favour from the Lord (Product of Wisdom): The Lord delight in the person that walks in the word. Therefore, they are favoured. A child of God that walks in the word has the capacity to obtain favour from the Lord.

The Root of the Righteousness will not be moved (Product of Wisdom): The root of the wise and righteous is established by the Lord.

A virtuous spouse brings honour to her/his home (Deeds of Wisdom): As a man or woman when you are filled with wisdom you will be a source of honour, blessings and respect to your spouse and home.

The desires of the righteous are wise (Desire of Wisdom): Read – Philippians 4:8. The wise think pure and good. The wise have the desire for wisdom. They always think the right thing.

The words of the wise deliver them every time (The Sayings of Wisdom): The wise use their word to navigate through issues. The wise talk with Wisdom

The Legacy of the Wise stands on a foundation that lasts for eternity (Product of Wisdom): The Wise build on a foundation that stands for eternity because their foundation is Jesus Christ.

A man with wisdom will be praised (Product of Wisdom): A man that speaks wisely will receive honour before man and God.

A man that acts important amounts to nothing (Deed of Wisdom): It is better to be underestimated than to be overestimated.

The wise is kind to everyone including the animals (Deeds of Wisdom): The wise has genuine kindness.

The wise work with their hands and are rewarded (Deeds of Wisdom): The wise work diligently and get rewarded.

The Root of the righteous brings fruit (Desire of Wisdom): The desires, the thoughts of the righteous yield fruits.

The wise escape traps through wise words (The Sayings of Wisdom): The righteous will not be snared by their words.

The wise will live in satisfaction (Product of Wisdom): The wise will live in satisfaction, fulfilment and will be rewarded for their good works.

The Wise always take wise counsel (Deed of Wisdom): Wisdom is a general counsel that is specific. A wise allows himself to listen to counsel. You must be willing to take wise counsel.

The wise are not easily triggered (Deed of Wisdom): The wise are reserved and do not allow themselves to be triggered into reaction

The wise always say the truth (Sayings of Wisdom)

The words of the wise heal (Saying of Wisdom): The words of the wise bring life.

The wise is full of peace (Desire of Wisdom): The heart of the wise is full of peace and joy.

The wise are protected in Christ (Product of Wisdom): God has guaranteed the protection of the righteous because they work in wisdom

The wise is in God’s delight (Product of Wisdom): The wise works in the will of God and so they are in God’s delight.

The wise only display their knowledge at the right time (Deed of Wisdom): The wise are calm and display their wisdom and knowledge at the right time at the timing of God.

The diligent wise rise to prominence. (Product of Wisdom)

The wise speak the right words (Saying of Wisdom): The wise always speaks the truth of God’s word.

The wise is a model to their neighbour (Deeds of Wisdom): The wise are good examples to their neighbours and community at large.

The substance of the diligent is reliable (Deeds of Wisdom): The wise always get the job done.

The wise and righteous are in the way that leads to life (Product of Wisdom): The wise is the way that leads to life because that way is Jesus.

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

The Spectacular Church 31 Days Of Wisdom Day 12

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