The Spectacular Church: 31 Days of Wisdom Day 15: Proverbs 15 – Expression of Wisdom by Evang. Solomon

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

TOPIC: Expression of Wisdom

READ: Proverbs Chapter 15

1) The voice and the thought of wisdom: As a Christian, you must learn to react subtly when you are triggered. The wise to control their anger. The wise express knowledge wisely. Proverbs 15:1,2,4

2) Interaction of knowledge: The wise spread knowledge with their mouth. Let your lips and your heart dispersed knowledge. Give yourself knowledge so that you may be able to give out knowledge. Soak yourself with the word of God to amass knowledge. God want you to seek knowledge to know life in you.

3) Instruction, Correction & Counsel: The wise do not despise instruction and correction rather they embrace it. When you have a deep understanding of a theory you would not make a mistake or fail. Falling is not important but how and if you get up is. You must embrace correction because it will save you from falling again. Do not hate people who correct you. Do not avoid people that will correct you, counsel you and point you in the right direction. Where there is no counsel purpose is frustrated. The Fear of the Lord makes your heart abide by the instructions of the Lord

5) Action of God’s Wisdom: When you receive Jesus Christ you have automatically received the gift of righteousness. However, if care is not taken you could return to engaging in the act of wickedness. Do not allow yourself to be misled by the world. Avoid doing anything that is against God. Fear the Lord and follow His instructions and you will go from glory to glory. Do not use people for you to forge ahead. Let your way be plain and clear like a highway. Do not be lazy. A lazy man is not a wise man. Do not be afraid to step out to achieve greatness. Always remember that with Christ you can all do things. The wise do not delight in foolishness. You need to pull out of the cunning, and ways of the world. The way of the wise is living above the world’s wisdom. The actions of the wise bring good news as a result. When you are in trouble do not be perplexed rather use the knowledge of God in your to drive the trouble out of your life. Expect continuous feast because that’s the will of God for you because you have chosen to walk in the way of wisdom.

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

The Spectacular Church 31 Days Of Wisdom Day 15

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