The Spectacular Church: 31 Days of Wisdom Day 24: Proverbs 24 – THE 3 DIMENSIONS OF WISDOM by Pastor Michael Agbamoro

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

TOPIC: The 3 Ds (Dimensions) of Wisdom

D 1: The Dealing of Wisdom

This speaks to how to deal with different people.

1) Dealing with Evil People: Don’t be envious of evil people. Do not desire their accomplishments. Don’t desire companionship with them because their heart studies destruction and their lips are mischievous and their end is not always good.

2) The lost: Try to rescue the lost by constantly praying for them. Don’t judge them. You can show them love and bring them to Jesus.

3) The Enemy: Do not rejoice when your enemies fall or fail rather show compassion.

4) God and King: Do not fellowship with those who have no regard for God. Have no fellowship with people who rebel against authority.

5) The Wicked: When dealing with the wicked do not sugarcoat things. Correct them with love. Don’t make a wicked person comfortable in their wickedness around you.

6) The Neighbour: Do not bear false witness against your neighbour. Speak the truth at all times. Deal with your neighbour fairly.

7) The People That Hurt You: Do not pay evil for evil. Do not take revenge. Don’t wish them bad. Forgive them and forget.

D2: The Deeds of Wisdom

1) Wisdom Builds: Wisdom can build. To build anything of value you need wisdom. If you want to build correctly, get wisdom.

2) Wisdom is Strength: When you acquire knowledge you gain strength. Wisdom is stronger than physical strength. Wisdom makes you stronger.
3) Wisdom Gives The Advantage: Wisdom gives you an advantage over your competitors. Wisdom gives you the strength to persevere and conquer all challenges of life. There are things you will never attain in life without the strength of wisdom.
Wisdom strength supersedes physical and financial strength.

5) Wisdom Guarantees Safety.

6) Wisdom is Rewarding: By wisdom, your expectations will not be cut short. Wisdom is sweet to your soul.

7) Wisdom will Cause You To Rise Again: If you fail wisdom will give you the capacity to rise again.

8) Wisdom Will Cause You To Be Celebrated: A man of wisdom we be celebrated.

9) Wisdom Enables You And Gives You Understanding: Plan your work, count the cost and then execute. The quality of your execution is tied to the quality of your planning.

D 3: The Dangers of Rejecting Wisdom

1) Fools cannot speak in high places: Wisdom is too high for the fool therefore they cannot speak in high places.

2) The fools are given a terrible name. Fools have terrible reputations.

3) Fools only think of abominable things: Fools only think of sinful things.

4) Fools chicken out when faced with challenges: Fools have no strength to persevere because they lack wisdom.

5) Poverty: The danger of rejecting wisdom leads to poverty.

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

The Spectacular Church: 31 Days Of Wisdom Day 24

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