The Spectacular Church: 31 Days of Wisdom Day 8: Proverbs 8 – Wisdom Is Making A Case For Itself by Pastor Michael Agbamoro

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

TOPIC: Wisdom Is Making A Case For Itself

READ: Provide Chapter 8

1) The Call of Wisdom: Wisdom throws away caution calling on everyone.

2) The Cause of Wisdom: The objective of Wisdom is that we understand Wisdom and have an understanding heart.

3) Communication of Wisdom: Wisdom wants to speak to you. Wisdom speaks excellent things, right things, truth and righteousness, plain and clear things.

4) Comparison of Wisdom: Wisdom says, I am better than Gold, rubies, silver, precious stones and all precious things you could desire.

5) The Character of Wisdom: These are the characteristics of wisdom: prudence, morality, good judgement, wit, discretion, wise counsel, sound wisdom, strength, understanding, and the fear of God. Wisdom hates what God hates. If you have wisdom you have all the above-mentioned characters of wisdom.

Consequences of Wisdom

The following are the results of wisdom if you embrace wisdom:

1) You reign: One of the things you need to reign is wisdom.

2) Good judgement: By wisdom, you will give good judgement.

3) Love from Wisdom: If you love wisdom you will receive love from wisdom.

4) Riches & Honour: By wisdom, you will receive riches and honour. The profit you will get from wisdom is better than gold.

5) Wisdom leads the way to righteousness: With wisdom, you will always be in the right direction. Wisdom guarantees you are in the right direction.

6) Inherit of Substance: With wisdom, you will inherit the beauty of any land you found yourself.


Wisdom rolls with the host of heaven even before the creation of the earth. Wisdom has been a companion of God from the beginning.

The Champion of Wisdom

1) Blessed are they that keep the ways of wisdom.
2) Blessed is the man that listens to wisdom

3) Blessed is that man that constantly watches at the gate of wisdom and focuses on wisdom. Champions of wisdom enjoy unusual favour.

Lastly, whoever sins against wisdom wastes their soul.

The Spectacular Church 31 DAYS OF WISDOM DAY 3 by Pastor Michael Agbamoro.

The Spectacular Church 31 Days Of Wisdom Day 8

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