Trem Wisdom For The Day Devotional 15th July 2023 By Bishop Mike Okonkwo: We Are Life Givers.

Trem Daily Devotional

TOPIC: We Are Life Givers.

Memorise: Ephesians 6:15 (KJV)

“And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;”


God did not save you just so that you will go to heaven. Your salvation is relevant now for the kingdom. Christ gave us eternal life and He is the life-giver. When we receive Christ and become like Him, we are also called to be givers of life or dispensers of life wherever we are. Wherever you go, you should carry the gospel. The gospel is the over-the-top, too good to be true news of our salvation and victory in Christ Jesus. This is what makes you a life-giver. Wherever you go, be a life-giver.

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You were among the dead, but He quickened you. He gave you life so that while you are still here, you will be giving life to people. As a business person, you should give life. In your office, you should give life. In whatever you do, be a giver of life. As a teacher, don’t abandon the children under your care. Don’t teach them only to take their money for handouts or ask them to bring money for assignments. You are a life-giver

Even as a mechanic, you are a life-giver. Don’t go about changing people’s car parts and giving them the wrong parts that will get spoilt the next day, so that they will keep on coming. No! That is not life! That is death! Don’t dispense death! Be a dispenser of life!

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Check yourself if you are dispensing life or not. Do you sit around gossiping about people in the church? Do you make the work easy for your leaders in the church or do you go about trying to run them down? You will be shocked how many Christians are going about saying negative things about their leaders, not knowing that they are supposed to be life-givers like Jesus Christ.

We ought to be encouragers and very supportive people because we are life-givers. This is why Jesus gave you life so that you will be a life-giver. That is the only reason why He did not call you home to heaven after you became a believer.

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Further Reading: Acts 3:1-21, 4:1-4

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Psalms 13-15; Evening- Acts 19:21-41

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