Your Daily Prayer A Prayer for God to Strengthen You – Your Daily Prayer


Your Daily Prayer A Prayer for God to Strengthen You – Your Daily Prayer

A Prayer for God to Strengthen You – Your Daily Prayer

A Prayer for God to Strengthen You

By Tiffany Thibault

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10

In our world today many people are struggling with situations in their lives that are just so challenging. Death of a loved one, fractured families, health, financial troubles, the list just seems to never end. Hard times always bring both fear and distress in its unexpectedness into our lives. Hard times completely overwhelm minds and emotions and weaken even the strongest of hearts.

Our verse today offers great encouragement to us in the midst of our messy situations. Let’s unpack the hope for us today in each of its phrases.

Do not fear. Fear fills us when we feel that we are all alone and helpless in our darkest moments. In every situation that we walk through, God gives us this command to “do not fear” and then He backs it up with the promise: “I am with you.” Let us go into our hard places speaking this truth to our hearts and minds. Truly knowing that God is there with us should fill our souls with courage.

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Do not be dismayed. Dismayed means that we lose our courage because of the fearful situations that sometimes result from an unexpected turn of events. Things in our life can change quickly, other people hurt us, and pain can blindside us. Situations rush at you, knocking you down, stealing your hope, and disturbing your peace. God says that in those moments: “Do not be dismayed for I am your God.” His presence comforts you and protects your heart. He is with you in every single situation, in every breath you take, and in every hard decision that you must make. He is your God. He is strong. He is mighty.

Do not fear, do not be dismayed. How can you take comfort in those words? Because God tells you how He will help you in your fearful and unexpected situations.

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Isaiah 41:10, inspirational image

God says to you today: “I will strengthen you and help you.” God will work for you in these hard moments as He makes you stronger. He will help you get through these challenging moments victoriously. Open up the Bible and cling to its promises. These situations were allowed by God to strengthen you, to draw you closer to Him. God will indeed help you as He works in mighty ways in your life.

God promises victory for you when He makes this promise: “I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” God will hold you up spiritually during these times as you pour your heart out in prayer, as you fill your mind and heart with His word. He will lift you up from these fearful situations with His righteous or excellent right hand. In ancient days, the right hand of a king signified granting you favor. You will receive God’s favor in every struggle that you are walking through as you keep your eyes on Him.

So today can you take this opportunity to trust God more and to pour out your worries to Him right there in the midst of all that is messy in your life? He is with you and He is your God. So go tell each of your situations that you will not be fearful or dismayed. You have God with you in every single one of them! You do not have to walk through them alone or afraid ever.

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Let’s Pray:

Dear Lord,

Thank You Lord for this reminder from Your word, that You are my God. Thank you Lord that in everything I am struggling with today, You are with me. It is You who strengthens me. It is You who helps me. It is You who holds me up with your righteous right hand. It is You who responds to me with favor. Because You are my God, I do not need to fear, nor do I need to be dismayed. I trust You Lord for each moment of today.

In Your name, Jesus, I pray,


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